i was at band practice and i wanted to switch amps so i unplugged my cable from the amp and plugged it into the other amp and then turned off the amp i was usin before... for some reason my brothers friend got mad at me cause he said if u unplug the cable without turnin off the amp first, then u can break the amp... is this true?? cause i got hit by a guitar just for this unplugging and i sure didn't enjoy it
erm.. It definatly doesn't do crap to SS amps, or it hasn't to mine when I used to use them.

and as far as tube, I guess its possible but I highly doubt it will do harm.
maybe some pops and crackles
you could actually blow it if you have the volume up way high. just turn it off or turn the volume down and nothing harmful should be flying into your face.
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It's never done me any harm with my valve amp, but I wouldn't/don't do it a lot, just in case.
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it dont harm the amp. with passive guitars you shouldnt hear anything. with active guitars (or basses) you will get a pop. at least, my bass does that.
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I don't think that it will hurt the amp at all. At least, it doesn't hurt any of my amps.
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