Verse 1
Johnny was a young boy, no one understood him.
He was just a little different in a world that?s all the same,
One day he was walking home from school,
fell off the icy road the bastards all call sane.

Johnny Johnny, what?s gone,
You?ve been flying solo far too long,
You need to wake up, smell the sights,
Coz summer?s coming soon

Verse 2
He?s the boy who?s never inside,
Behind that lifeless grin his mind used to hide.
He?s still got that monkey on his back,
He listens to Dookie all day long,
Just trying to prove that Billie Joe was wrong


(Verse 3)
But one day that all changed,
When Johnny met young Sue.
She was just a young girl
She was so well to do,
Born they say with a silver spoon, sticking from his ass.
Johnny then began to change, the clam came out of it?s suitcase,
Sue had brought him home from hell


(Verse 4)
Summer?d come and gone when Sue could take no more,
She was the one, could do no wrong,
She sent him right away,
She?d killed what he?d had left,
Basket Case still playing,
Billie Joe was right!

Ok, so let me no what you think of this. Crit for Crit of course
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EDIT: This song is basically John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane." Just so you know.
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