I'm considering changing the pickups in my Ibanez to a pair of Dimarzio Evos, but I was wondering what F-spaced pickups are?? I just want to know if I need the standard ones or the F-spaced ones? Or does it make a difference?
Does your ibanez have a trem? If so, get F-Spaced. If it's tune-o-matic, get either. It means the poles are slightly wider apart.
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F-Spaced pick ups are for use with Floyd Rose trems. If you have a standard trem like on a strat or a tune o matic bridge, then you would use a regularly spaced pickup. How ever if you have a Floyd Rose you would use F-Spaced pick up.
^Actually, not just Floyds, but any trems. F actually came from "Fender", not "Floyd".
So ANYTHING with a trem, you want F-spaced. Even with a tune-o-matic you can use F-spaced pickups, it makes virtually no difference.
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Actually F-Spaced did NOT come from Fender. I dont think it came from Floyd either, but now F-Spaced means that the pole pieces are set wide enough to accomidate for the wider string spacing on a Floyd Rose. Fenders trems are slightly more narrow then a Floyd so therefore the pickup used with a Floyd would have to be set wider, and wouldnt actually accomidate a Fenders string spacing. The F-Spaced poles would be too wide for the correct pickup to string alignment. The two types of pickups are almost identical in over all size but the poles dont line up the same. If you dont believe me call any KNOWLEDGABLE guitar repair man that you know and trust and ask them.

Edit: I am not saying Im not knowledgable, I am just saying dont call some kid from Guitar Center who only knows what the computer in front of him says.
I'm not saying you're wrong. But I do know that F-spaced is best for fender or any vintage or modern style trems, as well as Floyd Roses. In fact, practically every single coil pickup is F-spaced.
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