Im going on vacaton in a few weeks and was looking on the internet for small amps i could take with that ran on batteries and you could use headphones for and this came up http://www.generalguitargadgets.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=134&Itemid=166.
Is this a pedal i can plug my guitar and headphones into and play w./ out an amp??
If so i will proably build it when im done building my fuzz face. thnx.
i've got a lil dean markley mini-amp thing that hooks onto my belt an runs off a 9V battery. Its like 5 watts i think. and has two channels... it cost me £30 but it was pretty cool at the time. i dont use it anymore... but anyways yeh u can slap ur headphones into it an play with or without em. pretty good. i think marshall do a similar thing too... you should check it out!
You can do it with a transistor and a few resistors and caps. Look on discovercircuits.com. It would help you alot. Not to mention there about 50 different circuits. all around it is a good site to get started.

EDIT: A little off subject but where in PA?
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