I'm buying a talkbox but am not sure which one to get, im thinking either the Danelectro one or the Rocktron Banshee, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these? are there any other good ones that don't require having a stack to use them? and are they all safe to use because i no some of the older ones could destroy your amp, do any of the newer ones do this?
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they advertise as having a preamp built in to the effect, get that. That way you only need a microphone/pa system to spit your talkbox stuff through. Then youre set.
ya danelectro one is probably the best way to go
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I would definately get the Rocktron over the Danelectro. I have a Rocktron and it works just fine, it has it's own preamp, so it works right out of the box. The Heil would probably give the best results, but I'm pretty sure you need certain types of amps and stuff for it to work correctly.
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