Not sure if this was the right place to go about getting help with Guitar Pro. In any case, can someone tell me how to make the end of the song fade out, like I want Guitar Pro to keep playing a series of notes and have the sound gradually lowering until you cant hear it, and thats where the song ends. Can anyone help please.
its simple man

click on the note where u wanna start the fade on.
press F10.
choose volume and lower it to 0 .
right next to the volume bar u can choose how long the fade out is gonna be.
(1 beat - 8 beats)

Im here if theres any problem
Choose a place you want it to start to fade out. Then press the F10 key and Mix Table will pop up. Check on the volume box and change the New Value to 0 or something and then on transition it will have how many beats you want the volume to decrease. From then on it's all just experimenting with the different transitions, since it goes up to 16 beats.
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