At my house right now is a package. Inside that package is my new Orange Rocker 30 combo amp. I want to go home and play. But I'm at work so I can't. Life is sad
work pays for the control arm fix on my car so i don't run off the road at high speed.

and hopefully in time work will pay for my stiletto ace.
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Ah, but all is well. Work will be over before you know it, then you can play your amazing amp! Be sure to take breaks to clean the jizz up from the first chord you play....
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yes of course you want to. but posting a thread on a forum doesn't help you so why posting this dumbass thread?
^this guy's wrong
Mainly to flaunt my new amp which I'm excited about. Ain't no need for namecalling.
keep working hippie!
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if you're at work, why are you online posting threads??

shouldn't you be working for the maaan, man?

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I know this thread's old but how's the amp? I might buy it, it looks so wicked. What kind of tones can you get out of it?
Here, watch some episodes of the simpsons/family guy/south park/futurama/ or american dad to kill some time.
I find that if you are at work and you aren't complaining about how much it sucks and crap time goes by faster. I'm not trying ot say your just screwing around just trying to help you When I'm at work I just work, clean stuff do whatever needs to be done, it makes your boss think your a hard worker when you're really just trying to kill time and not thinkg about how sucky your job is. I work at Braum's, a fast food place since I get paid more than I would anywhere else and I'm just starting college so I need money.
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mabye you should get to work then huh??? ya i think so...or you might as well go home and play it right now
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Guys... this is thread is OOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDD...

If anyone really wants to know about his amp, go PM him.
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yes, i had to laugh. I've had many a chance to play my new amp since posting this thread back in JULY. I'm since back for my senior year of college. Time to let this thread die, friends.
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