Hey, ive got a ibanez rg350ex with IBZ INF3neck, IBZ INFS3 mid and a IBZ INF4 bridge pick-ups, my neck and bridge pick-ups are fine and this is the first guitar ive had with a mid pick-up, the thing is im gettin some buzz from it, a stupid amount of buzz when i run distortion throught it but when its clean its fine so is it meant to be only for clean or is it f**ked?
that's beacuse it's a single coil pickup, so it will buzz with high gain and when you're near the amp...
single coils are better for cleans and blues, and slight overdrive, not uber distortion and metal, unless you get a super hot single or a stacked humbucker, whichi i plan ot do to my strat copy

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single coils will buzz when used with hi gain, i would recommend buying the seymor dunan pickup booster pedal for $75.00 because it will fatten up the single coil sound and will allow you to run high gain on the single coil without the buzz.