hello i need a distortion pedal and i need people to giv me the names of some pretty good quility ones thanx alot. O yer and if sum 1 could giv me the name if a gd wah pedal under 70 pounds id be v gratefull thanks alot
Boss DS-1 or Ibanez Tubescreamer. For a cheaper wah, the lower end Jimmy Dunlop's give a pretty good sound for not a lot of dough.
Boss Md-2 is the one i use.. I like it alot. I can get some heavy sound out of it along with a classic rock sound with it
I have a Boss MT-2 and it's pretty good for metal. For a wah pedal, maybe go for a Dunlop Original Crybaby. Those are pretty good for the price.

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
What kind of music do you play?

And I'd reccomend saving up more for a wah pedal, you probably wont get a great wah for that price
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