pretty soon my Prs custom 22 will have the mark tremonti pick up set... switching guitar to three way toggle, and am putting in a push pull knob for stratocaster type sounds.. and i have a mesa dual rec with rec cab.... I am thinkin about getting the G-system by T.C electronics, the floor board thing... what yall think? heavy tone soon? i wanna blow my house down
are you seriously asking this..or are you just bein a douche and trying to brag??
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are you seriously asking this..or are you just bein a douche and trying to brag??

WTF? it was a honest question... why would i brag about guitars and amps? im just hoping that what im gettin is going to give me what i want... ive never had the chance to play with tremonti pick ups i just know they are prs highest output pickups... F'n dork. but yeh i guess it makes me happy now that i pissed u off cause ure obviously i prick
A Mesa Duel Recto almost always = heavy tone.

You couldn't get a heavy tone without the Tremonti pups? It might be your EQ settings.
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if you can't get a heavy tone out of that set-up, you're quite probably retarded.
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