debatin on digitech x series digidelay and a line 6 echo park... i've tried the x series digitech digidelay and i really liked it... as for line 6 echo park i've just heard it thru a promo.... so any recommendations
I pretty much think that Digitech kicks the tar out of any effects company, even like boss or others ike that. Go for the digitech...
hmm well Digitech's do sound awsome

But seeing how all my buds who bought them broke....

Line 6
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But last time I cranked my amp up. A small bird flew by at the same time I did a pinch harmonic.... and it exploded....

Too Late
OMG both companys blow the only thing Digitech makes thats any good is the WH-1(whammy)

If you want good delay look elsewhere the Visual Sound H20 is an amazing pedal.

If you like Line 6 look into there 4 button stomp boxes the DL 4 is an amazing delay pedal true bypass and digitally analog not as good as analog but it sounds very good way better than that echo park dog ****
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lol, boss is too basic, digitech not very versatile stomp boxes, i have a line 6 tonecore uber metal and it is verryyyy versatile