When you re-string an electric and you make that bend in the string a few inches past the tuning peg, do you prefer to leave that "winding slack" past the tuning peg as you start turning it, or do you first pull it back through so that the slack is between the nut and the peg? Just wondering.
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^ When you've put the end of the string through the peg hole and bent it, and you're about to wind the peg and make your wraps, is the slack you will be winding before or after the peg hole?
not sure i understand either...

here's what I did yesterday to change strings: place the guitar on the floor with the neck pointed vertically, so the base is centered between your feet and the fretboard is facing to your right. Decide which way you want the string to wrap around the peg. On my ibanez, the string would come up vertically and wrap counter-clockwise around the peg.

Adjust the peg so that the hole is at 1 o'clock (11 o'clock if its a clockwise wrap). run the string through the hole loosely (no kinks yet). Then put your right foot (or toes) between the string and the body of the guitar to put it under tension. Pull the string through the peg hole so that it has enough slack to be about 3-5 inches away from the body at the pickups (sometimes less, but start off with more). Now tightly wrap the string Clockwise 1/2 rotation around the peg, underneath the string, and then sharply away from (i.e., perpendicular to) the headstock. It helps to tilt the guitar towards your left leg, sort of like your guitar is about to fall backwards but your foot is holding it up by the string.

Using your foot to keep the tension on the string, you can now tighten the string with the tuner. As soon as you wind it past the 12 o'clock position with the hole (which shouldnt be very far away if you started at 11 o'clock), the string will begin locking itself to the peg. You shouldnt have to wind the string very far because most of the slack will be sticking away from the headstock (which you'll then just cut off). Once its locked pretty well, you can use your hand to control the tension and take your foot out (it will probably get pinched soon anyway)

You'll want to use more slack in the string when you first start winding it down if you plan to drop the tunings. Sometimes I wrap around the peg 1.5 revolutions (instead of the 0.5 here) before I pull the string up away from the headstock.

this reduces the amount of coiled mess you have up there, so the string is mostly wrapped around the solid peg and not so much coiled on top of itself (less stuff to get squished over time and make you out of tune). Using the foot (or ??) to keep tension on the string helps get a nice tight wind around the peg. I use the foot because it leaves one hand to hold the string up in place (away from the headstock) and another to wind the tuner.

so is that weird or what?
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using your foot? new to me!

i wrap it three times around ( 2 times on 1st string ) then put thru the hole. play THEN snip.