first of all, don't expect much, this is my first recording, and I haven't gotten the whole song down at full speed yet It's recorded through a cheap 5 year old mic and played on a frontman with a strat copy and therefore possibly the worst tone in existence (yes I do have an acoustic, except it was decapitated a few months ago)
HOWEVER, I'm posting this (sadly not for your enjoyment ) because I'd like some criticism on what I should be working on. This is the first song i'm actually learning for the sake of learning a song rather than picking up techniques etc, and since I haven't had much experience in it I'm counting on you guys to be critical of what I need to work on (I don't mind a few dozen 'you suck's as long as they come with something more specific and generally constructive ) to see if there's any hope for me.

(it's missing certain parts near the end, I was just messing around after the solo. Oh and did i mention my mic crapped out and the volume is dead low? yeah, forgive the torture )

one of the following links should work:

thanks in adv please don't sue if your hearing becomes severely damaged
Well it was good playing wise.. seemed like you really took your time learning it and it shows However, the guitar is slightly out of tune man.. the low E and i think the G from what it sounds like. All i can try and suggest is try to make some of the notes more clearer but other than that it was good!

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