well this has been a billion times, we all know that.
I wanted to test some tone with my acoustic so i just clicked record and played this and sang it, its live as u can tell, and not what i would want as a finished product
Check it out if your one of those people that checks out every time of your life cover, haha i usually do. lol

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well, i definantly dont cheak any of the good riddance covers, but knowing your voice i figured this would be exceptional, i was right.
The guitar playing was good, the singing was great, but damn, the treble on that guitar tone almost made my head explode. But 9.59 for everything else.
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thats about south africa tho...which isnt poor at all.
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This version is better than your first. Which is on my MP3 player btw... the tone is really good, and your vocals are more controlled in this version. 10/10.
Wow thanks a lot guys, hehe, it was just a live take... I guess sometimes those are better lol

im working on snow patrol run and coldplay speed and sound, and i need to get the right tone with the acoustic, so that was my intent with this... Its so damn hard to get perfect tone, but i guess this good riddance was ok, a bit too much treble i agree.
Work to live, not live to work.
not a big green day fan but i must say save ur scissors was a much more enjoyable song to listen to
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great job. checked out some other ones to, you're voice sounds very close to billie joe's. also the scientist is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it sounded excelent. quality of all songs wasn't bad either.

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for the time of your life, the 3ed chord is a D, youre playin somethin diff or maybe youre just playin the wrong root note
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That sounds great you've got a really good voice, guitar sounds good too
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It sounds pretty good, i mean vocals and all are awesome as usual, but i have to say the intro seemed to be played a bit staccato, like, it wasn't accurate as the actual song in the intro part, but maybe thats your rendition.

What kinda guitar is that? im thinkin its a cutaway acoustic-electric? It sounds pretty good, the treble is a bit too much, but its still pretty good.
its a gibson songwriter deluxe
paid almost 3g for it, got 6 months to pay for it lol
im still working the Eq on it, i got brilliance, contour, treble, bass, and frequency and notch, so theres a buncha crap i gotta mess around with before i get the right tone, thanks for listening!
ya i was just messing around with it, its a live take, theres a good chance the beginning is off, and a good chance i hit a string i wasnt suppose to :p
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