Alright this is a song I wrote in a real strange mood.
So just go ahead and tell me what you think about it.
If you leave a link I'll crit your stuff too.

Words don't mean a thing
theyre standing there
time stands still

Its raining,
outside its cold
sitting here in the warmth feels odd

Words dont help me a bit
they stare up to me
my brain explodes

For how long I'm sitting here now
Time doesnt mean a thing somehow
When everythings f*** up anyway

Words dont express the things I want to say

Theyre too old
let them go
in the storm outside
never to get em back

Words wont stare back
Words wont seem old
Words wont be wrong
Words wont be too long
All the words lost in the storm

Forever gone...
I don't really no what you mean but that doesn't mean a lot coming from me, I don't get like any of the songs on here, i guess i'm just not very poetic. Pretty cool sounding though. I can't see how this could go to music very well. but whatever. pretty good
Well, I dont think that it would go well with music too because its got a strange structure, but it was just this strange mood I was in writing this stuff, so I didnt really care about structure, as I was confused...
perhaps I should work on it, perhaps I should just throw it away...
I didnt really notice much of a retained flow so this mgiht be hard to put to music if it isnt already. Also, it didnt seem to say much except that words dont mean anything. I really dont see much that you could do with this. Sorry to be harsh, but it seems like it would be more trouble than its owrth in my opinion. I hate being negative like this but I really think you could write better.