i was wondering if you could take one of the controls from an amp (treble, bass, reverb, etc.) and wire it into a guitar. if this is possible, how would i do it?
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arnt the controls all on one circut board thingy.(i guess thats what its called?)
there are ways to bild the effect and put it in your guitar.
Actually that would be kinda cool because if you were run through a house PA you would be able to control your EQ without the sound guys (probably something they wouldnt like but whatever). But on the other hand that would be if you werent using an amp (which would be dumb) or else you just change the eq on your amp.
I guess you would have to make a band for each pickup because they are separate feeds.
Probably a waste of time but if your one of the ppl who gets amusement from that kind of thing then totally go for it. I'd be interested to see what happens.
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