well, i finally finished the song that i had been so diligantly working on.

tell me what you think. crit for crit, just leave a link.

EDIT: i just noticed that the midi file for windows media player isn't the completed version. so just ignore that in the folder and click on the powertab one.
The Statistics.zip
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hah that was sweet, I thoroughly enjoyed that for some reason it gave me this Adam's family kinda feel, i dont know why. Any way good job, not thing i would change. Crit mine if youd like, although its no where near as good as yours
pretty spastic of a song, some parts seemed a little cluttered... and even tho looking at it i would expect me to not like it i definately did, it was quarky and struck a weird chord in me. pretty cool

soo much n00bage
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sorry to bust everyones bubble but lamb of god arent "hardcore" theyre death metal, and therefore metal.
It was pretty cool. It just isn't my kind of stuff. I agree with Evian on it being dissonant. I thought it was ok though.

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