I (literally) just bought a killer Crate GT212 and is great...but the channels hurt my brain and I can't figure out what High, Mid, Low, Level, and Shape mean and i cant play my favorite stuff and make it sound right....can someone please help me with settings on my favorite bands like A7X, Metallica, blink 182, Ramstein, and Queens of the Stone Age. Thanks for the help...!
You have to toy around with it yourself. Try and find a tone you like and stop trying to get everyone elses tone.


High, Mid, and Low should be self explanitory. It's just Treble, Mids, and Bass. Shape controls the midrange (like a contour I guess).
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It's EQ. Play around with them and see what they do to your tone.

Edit: Level is a volume control.

High controls the high frequencies
Mid controls the middle frequencies.
Low controls the lower frequencies.
Shape controls the Upper range and can change your tone drasticaly from a scooped metal tone to a classic rock tone.
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There's nothing to screw up. Just play around with it and find a tone you like and stick with it.