ive been playing for 2 years now and ive never really cared learning modes, but i think it would be uselful. anyway.
whats the best way to learn all these? just one at a time as scales?
i know that lets say G ionian = A dorian, B phrygian, C Lydian etc. so is it best to learn in comoparision to the G major?

and is it really a good idea to learn all this? like can i live without them?
You can live without them, yes. It just seems to elevate your playing once you truly understand their uses, though.

Memorize the intervals of each mode, and it wouldn't hurt to learn the positions either, just don't get stuck in those boxes, because that isn't modal playing in the least. Just learn the intervals, learn your fretboard, and the two will come together. Trust me.

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you mean like wholwholehalfhalfwholehalfhalfwholewholeshizzledizzleshnizzle
or interval compared to the root or what?
Both, they are the same thing. Just another way of seeing them.

It's like having different units when measuring velocity... our whole-half steps vs. interval numbers is comparable to mi/hr vs. m/s. Just another way of quanitfying it, another way of counting it. Get it?
Looking for my India/Django.
yeah i get it i just think its kinda confusing. when i started learning theory all my friends were like memorising some scales like "wholewholehalfwholewholewholehalf" type of ****. i never really thought of it that way. i guess i should dunno
ive always found it easier using the (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) formula, i find it quicker to work out a new scale by just learning the formula and then working out the notes...but i guess its different for each person