I have a Gig soming up in a couple of weeks, and i meed 4 songs in one guitar/vox, one bass and one drummer format, i like the who style, but don't know too many of their songs, it'd be great to have good guitar licks, good bass, and for the guitar to ease off so i can sing and play together in verses and chorus, but a solo in atleast 2 of the songs is a must. We are playing at a friends family reunion type thing, so we need music which will fit for the whole spectrum of ages.

Any suggestions welcome

Im just kidding.you could play some Van Halen.or you could take a song and make it for only one guitar.


Shouldn't this be in Muscians talk?
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Guns N Roses would probably be good as they have awesome guitar Riffs, most of their songs have solos and songs such as Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City, November Rain etc are very well-known so the familys might end up singing along
ACDC make good covers. Believe it or not we play living after midnight by judas priest. Goes down well. Knocking on heavens door by GnR.
hmmm, ACDC hadn't though about them, its hard to choseideal songs though because for this particualr gig, i'm the only guitarist and i'm the only singer.
Rolling Stones Start Me Up .... Watch Thier Faces Light Up After The First Bar
Maybe some RHCP.
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Skynyrd that always gose down good but then again i live in alabama ...

*says to self* but thoughs people like it when we play lamb of god
as far as songs for a gig like this go, there are going to be a lot of people of many different age groups, so I would suggest a song that everyone has heard before, so maybe freebird or simple man, maybe dead leaves and the dirty ground by the white stripes. However, in order to make this fun, you have to pick a song that the band itself likes. So any classic rock, little wing by jimi hendrix has plenty of breaks in it that allow for singing, so anyways, that's my opinion
A lot of RHCP/Hendrix/Cream.
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Sunshine of Your Love by Cream would be a good bet everyone knows it, it's pretty easy to get the sound and except for the solo it's a pretty easy song (and the solo's pretty easy to BTW, just a little trippy).
Sweet Home Alabama- sounds cheesy, but people aged 15-50 know it and can sing along.
sweet home alabama- lynyrd skynyrd
sweet child o' mine- guns 'n' roses
All Apologies- Nirvana
Times like these- foo fighters
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Skynyrd that always gose down good but then again i live in alabama ...

Skynyrd is the single most requested band at any of our gigs, it boggles my mind, sure they write great songs, but the talent of the band really isnt there...Simple man rocks though.

The best thing to do is play a wide variety. Play some reggae, play something classic, play a new heavier song, and play a laid back song, the key to being a great cover band is the ability to cover all the bases and all the genres of music so you appeal to everyone in the crowd.
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going w/ the skynyrd ideas what about learn freebird just incase one of the relatives shouts "freebird" while your playing something, like simple man or sweet home alabama.
smells like teen spirit simple yes but effective ccrowds normally love it

sweet child o mine probably a stretch but once again great crowd pleaser

whiskey in the jar is a great song to do live

emmm knocking on heavens door

i know its simple these songs but it means u can play them to ur full potential and make the crowd love u
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Led Zeppelin would work, since the parents remember it and poser kids listen to it.

if someone likes a band it makes them a poser?
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fly by night-rush
anything stones, ie angie, start me up, so on
if you can rip of eruption start with that
iron man, crazy train-black sabbath
so on....

hope i helped
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Sappy - Nirvana
Heartbreaker - Led zepplin
anything by green day (it's all the same)
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all the small things - blink

easy and sounds not bad
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