Could you guys help me find a cheap amp that could handle small gigs? I would like to spend under $300 but I could go up more if I needed. Also, If I needed more power would it work if I added to more speakers?

I'm kind've interested in the Ashdown Electric Blue 12-180 Bass Combo Amp.

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behringer bx1200 or kx1200
kx is a keyboard amp so when ur at home u can jam with 3 other ppl i do it all the time
both are 375cad with tax already added and are 120w
the bass amp would probly be your best bet though good sound =]
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Why not use the crapiest one out there? Rumble 15. It's so cheap, you can get it in the starter bass pack.

Strongly reccmond. I have one and if the venue is to big to use it (but you said small so 150w should do you good) their is an out put to the PA in the back. It also has built in Fuzz and Octiave.

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get the Electric Blue. its a brilliant amp.

and dont get a rumble 15...15W is nowhere near enough for anything
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yea get teh ashdown, there reliable amps and are good quality
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i say the Ashdown. i have never played through one, but it has to be better than anything previously listed here. you should consider a used amp. i purchased an Ampeg B2R amp with an Ampeg B410LH cab for $500, one year old.
SWR LA15. Nice volume and great tone. $300.
I have a LA12 and I used it for 2 years in my bands.

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