i really want to learn and understand theory. I have no idea what i am actually doing on the guitar or how or why notes work together. I have a strong desire to understand my instrument--just not a strong amount of cash for lessons.

so, can i teach myself this with a book? any suggestions out there for good tutorials or manuals or books on this?

Or do i really need to get lessons to fully comprehend and get this stuff?

has anyone out there taught themselves theory from reading a book? I'd like to hear your opinions if so...

you can learn it from a book, but can't beat havin somebody there 2 explain it to you
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I've heard good things about the Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory but i've never read it myself....
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Quote by JStone233
I've heard good things about the Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory but i've never read it myself....

That is an excellent book. I would read that, maybe even skim it, just to get an introduction to the monster that is music theory. It would take years to memorize the information in that book, and it even introduces itself as a "lite" guide to music theory.

As far as guitar-based theory goes, no one can recommend A Modern Method for Guitar enough (Leavitt.) The Guitar Fretboard Workbook is also an outstanding book, though it is light on theory. (Which is effective in the context of that book.)
^ lol in AP Music theory you learn more than that book has to offer in 9 school months. (Idiots guide).

my point is that yes you can learn from a book, but being taught, and CONSTANTLY, by someone who understands what they're doing and what they're talking about and is ALWAYS there to explain what you need to be explained to you... will teach you far superior than reading the once-said-once-stated-once-explained-never-answers-questions-you-get-from-reading ideology of lessons on book or lessons online.
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^ is right, a book is good, which is how i learned, but i did have an online friend who answered quite a few questions that were brought up.