Hi! how can i get rid of this problem. Everytime i'm playing guitar with some people around my hands is shaking! Cannot play good and it destroyed everything. But if i play alone or with my family or best friend everything is normal and superb! any exercise to get rid of this? How can i overcome this problem? any help? thanks
It sounds like nervousness, which all of us have suffered from one time or another.

I would recommend this... learn a song backwards and forwards, and practice it until it's mindless. Then, play it in front of as many people as you can. Tell yourself that you've mastered the song...(confidence is MENTAL!) and you should be fine.
that happened to me once, i was playing at a school thing, my hands were shaking as a played through a chord based part, that wasn't the part that ruined the song though; my playing it too slow did apperently; just practice the song till you can play it in your sleep. It'll be fine, if you know you can do it you really can do it.
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yeah sounds to me like its all in yer head, that just comes from practice and having self confidence, just remember that it's no big deal if you screw up and chances are unless you screw up REALLY awfully then they won't notice. i don't get nervous playing in front of people anymore personally but when i first started i was awful at it..... just keep going
thanks!!! so i need to have more exposure in the public and self confidence. its easy to say but i think its hard for me to do...anyway, maybe I will overcome it someday! thanks again!
also: it never hurt to stretch out your hands and warm-up properly. but yeah that's your nerves, dude.
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