i dont get the difference on gibson guitars, can some1 plz help me understand em?
Not neccisarily.It's down to personal preferance, buy it's harder to play faster on a 50's than it is a 60's.
To be exact, the 50's neck is more like a rounder baseball bat feel to the back of the neck, or the underside. Takes more hand to play it, if that makes sense. The 60's neck is less of a circumference and well, slimmer. Both play nice and solid. I dont have a preference, I own both, an 87' Custom and a 00' Classic
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wht does slash use?

He uses dozens upon dozens of LP's chances are they will have either neck profiles.
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wht does slash use?

Yeah, what the guy above me said.
right now i have like a begginers guitar, an Encore KC3, i find the neck a bit too thin, my fingers sometimes block another string, but when i went round my mates house, he had a les paul standard and i found the guitar was easier to play because i noticed the neck was a tiny bit bigger, so should i get a 50's neck? And how muck thicker is the neck of a 60's compared to a 60's?
50's necks are thicker, and 60's necks aren't as thick, try out some LP Standards and compare the necks.
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in gibson, wht is better the les paul classic or the standard, i think the classic has better pick ups?
It's all opinion.

Although I prefer the sound of Standards, but they're more expensive.
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if you're serious about guitar, you'll be upgrading from the epiphone in a year or so, unless it's an elitist. which i still would rather have my gibby
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yes but the elitist is cheaper, and many say it's just as good as some Gibsons

I don't know what the epiphone necks are considered, but they are thicker than many other guitars