Alright sometime in the near future I plan on buying a new guitar...
I play alot of metal, so like to play heavy...But I also like playin stuff like satch, petrucci, vai, ect... you know that kinda stuff for soloing. So I use alot of wah when im soloing...

Im thinkin about gettin a ESP LTD MH 400.

Im really wantin to get a whammy on my next guitar, so thats a must.

Ive noticed alot of really good metal bands use ESP's. Although Iv never played one, cause none of the shops down here carry them. But I think that it would work for me.

I currently own a Jackson Dinky, with some ****ty cheap EMG pickups.

So what do you think of the MH 400?

(feel free to mention any other guitars that you think would fit my needs)
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Get A Relli Nice Pretty One With Strings Lots Of Strings 27 To Be Exact And It Has To Be Pink And Sitar Shaped With A Body In The Shape Of Vishnu
i like strats cuz you can play pretty much anything, but for metal id probably go with either a higher end jackson or a higher end ibanez. i dont like esps, they feel cheap and i dont like them. if i were to recomend one guitar id have to say a jackson soloist.
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