this is basically the first piece ive done in like 2-3 months and the first in like 6 months that i somewhat enjoy. ive had a huge block and blah. usually i write my pieces totally unstructured but i tried to write more of a poem instead of lyrics and this is what i got i guess.

sunday morning in the downtown plaza;
putting dimes in expired parking meters,
cause we all could use a little more time.
chasing pigeons down the canal into a
television tunnel changing stations as
we reach the end of the track and
to our disliking we
go our separate ways.
me and the pigeon that is.

friendships are sink or swim
and you never know where
or in who you will find one with.

when you do let it go and
die alone.
I like it. It has a nice flow to it. Normally the "me and the pigeon that is" wouldn't be that good but for some reason I liked it.

Crit my newest one?
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I really had my hopes up that this would actually be abouT blowing bubbles, it saddens me that it isn't. But it is funky kinda like that so you know what I'm sayin G to the home to the dawg. No, I'm only joking but not really. have fun with that.