ok there might be an officail thread mine isnt i really like fake guitars o mean come on ok fenders and gibsons are cool and all but fake guitars can aslo kick ass ok there are freaky weird looking ones ones that have a tele head and have a strat bodie or something any way if you have websties to fake guitars or copies post them on and just rember one thing no matter what we play no matter what we do to make the music (other than hip hop and that rap crap) im talking about any kind of rock we all have something in common its to drive parents and other ppl ****ing crazy
How about a 'How to post in English with at least a grade one level of grammar and half an idea about spelling and punctuation' thread?
i got a kick outta this one - lmao
The 60s are gone, dope will never be as cheap, sex never as free, and the rock and roll never as great.
nice grammar.
if you go on ebay and type in "guitar" it usually comes up with a bunch of fake chinese ****
EDIT: i saw that airstream trailer guitar at my local guitar shop!!!
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You just lost.[/CENTER]
^not funny. that damn guitar raped my girlfriend
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