Hello all, I'm due for a string change and I was wondering what some good brands of strings were for the style of music I play, which is pretty much everything from Led Zeppelin to Metallica. String gauges would also be appreciated.
I use Ernie Ball Strings. They are Nicklewound and used by Zeppelin and Metallica (as stated on the back of the package). They are really good strings and have a long life depending on how much you play. The kind I get are in a pink package so those are the ones I recommend.
giver on the ghs, they lost long, sound great and yeah... great strings. the strings you use wont make a huge if any difference... i dont think it matters what you play, just get what you like. guage however makes a difference, id go 10's if i were you, what kinda guitar do you have?
I use Ernie Ball Super Slinky's

I've never tried any other type of string, but I've never really felt a need to, the Super's work just fine.
I have an Ibanez SZ520.

and yeah i think im going with the Ernie Ball strings
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