(From one of my band albums.)

Don't look down
Don't hold your breath
You may fall to the ground
Just another way to face the cold blade of death
Why should I worry or care?
Why worry now when it's always been there?
Don't wait to long, walk on by
It's hard 'cause wherever you go
You know you're more vulnerable to die

It's now or never
And it turns out like Macbeth,
What's done is done
And there's nowhere to run
Here ends fun in the sun
They're all ready to make your funeral wreath
You have to risk every breath

Don't be scared or your heart will beat out
To the sound of the funeral drum
You've been too good to the chef
You're now on your last breath
One heartbeat closer to death.

Ghosts, roller coasters, gaining weight
Choking, drowning, you decide your fate
Fire, money, all in between
Wild animals, bullies and evil schemes
I?ll see you there
Don't go breaking into my house
And I won't go breaking into yours
Don't take what's mine
And I won't take what you own
Hasn't it shown
I have really grown

And in the end it all turns out right
But history repeats itself and I won't see you tonight
I'll be sitting in my corner, under the sheets
Afraid of whatever appears under the sun
I just ain't the man
But we can start a band

The ghosts are gone
And the roller coaster pulled up to the station
We don't need an explanation
We are on ground now
And we're looking good
No need to spin
You're now cured from the disturbing winds
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