I just got my toneport with the Live program...now how the hell do i record on this confusing junk?
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Download Audacity for free (google it), then set the input device as Toneport. Then you just hit record and play.
with audacity can u record the vocals and guitar at the same time?
cuz i dont thik u can do that with ableton
most lower end soundcard wont let you record more than one instrument at once, nor will most low end audio programs.
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The Toneport will indeed let you record both guitar and vocal. And screw ableton, the lite version only lets you use 4 tracks and that quickly gets annoying. Download either Audacity(my fave), or Kristal. I've also heard good things about Reaper(although I've never tried it). Those are all free. If you have cash, buy Pro-Tools with AmpFarm, if you can afford it. Otherwise, I don't see much of a reason to step out of the free programs. And if you decide to use one of these, just PM me and I can help you set it up for the Toneport.
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