How do they differ from twin amps, and twin reverbs, cause i was going to buy a twin amp but i found a great deal one of these online, but ive never tried them? I know its an earlier version of the twin amp reissues.
can you find any information on fenders website (http://www.fender.com/)?

becuase it could be a scam ive never heard the name before
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ive never heard of one and fender is really bad about info on alder discontinued models, if it exists you may be able to buy the manual from them but thats about it.
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The "Evil Twin" isn't neccesarily an official production amp, but it's a red knobbed Twin Reverb.
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honestly i think its just a nick name. the amp is a fender twin amp but its very similar to the twin reverb but mroe powerful or seomthing. i loved it i used one for some shows and its great
Its actually a real amp. A couple guys came into my work asking about it the other day. Its nickname is the "Evil Twin" and I think its actual name is "Fender The Twin"

Google "fender the twin" and you get good results.