Try insane mid, not much bass and a lil trebble, then do swells into the notes and dont hold them to long so that they dont lose sustain. Maybe that will work.
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volume pedal, a bit of distortion. or crazy wah abilities, maybe.
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Know any good teachers in NY, especially skilled in teaching ear training? Tell me
on the Steely Dan CD "Pretzel Logic", they cover a Duke Ellington tune and play the trumpet parts with guitar.
I remember hearing a song with a solo that sounded like a trumpet....

RATM - Guerilla Radio.

Tom Morello is an effects *****, so it should be easy to find out what he used for it.
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use distortion,chorus and some delay.

and play legato,volume swells and vibrato with a bar.
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I was playing this little shred lick pretty fast, and someone told me it sounded like a trumpet

high e: ---2p0--3p0--5p0---3p0------2p0--3p0--5p0---3p0------2p0--3p0--5p0---3p0------

over and over. Once I played with my tone so it was kinda warmer, I could see what they meant. Adding in the pull-off immediately I played each note kinda fattened the sound.

Adding in a pedal (long note that rings over everything) on one of the lower strings while playing melody lines on a higher one might help you get that drone, as well.
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