I've been helping my former bandmates record their 1st album, and we've been having a hell of a time miking the kick drum. We have one mike inside near the head, one outside on the floor pointing toward the center but away from the hole, and we also have a single mike suspended from the ceiling that catches some bleed from the kick. We've tried countless EQ's, mike distances and positions, etc, but it always either sounds like a basketball, a djimbe (sp?), or very quiet and all sub. We're not using a bass drum mike because A) We don't have one and B) they don't give the sound we want; it's very "subby".

We're using Pro-Tools with a Dell, and a Behringer eight-track console.

Does anyone have any tips for miking drums in general, especially the kick?
well why do you have 2 mics on it... that's kinda redundant and might be your problem.

djembe fyi.
use one mic and put it inside the drum so it is about 3-6 inches away from where the beater hits the batter head.
if you want a kick sound that is more "clicky" and not so muddy this is what i do. just use an sm57 or 58 inside the bass drum angled away from the snare/hats pointing right at where the beater hits the head. then EQ out all of the low mids at around 250 or 300 Hz. this removes the muddiness and leaves a nice "sonic hole" for guitar and bass. this technique is used in countless punk records to get that clicky punch in the kick. also a similar technique was used on a Red Hot Chili Peppers album (bloodmagiksexorwhateveritscalled). if you are looking for a little more boom/bass a large diaphragm condenser pointed right at the drum out side it works nicely. the further away this mic is, the more tone you will get out of the bass drum.
hopefully this helps. if not, read some articles about EQing and what all the different frequencies do to your sound. you can almost always EQ a decent sound if you get a clean signal and have the right plug-ins. good luck
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use one mic and put it inside the drum so it is about 3-6 inches away from where the beater hits the batter head.

i agree you'll get a littl more of the thump,you might need a bass drum mic if that doesnt work just because it will pick up the lower freq alot better
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