Hey guys, I want to get a TalkBox, I just don't know what kind to get. Is there a such thing as a TalkBox that is just like an effects pedal? I don't have a microphone/microphone amp, but I want this effect really bad. I am using an Epiphone G-400, fed through a Behringer V-TONE GMX212.

Links? Prices? I'd like to get it from a store rather from a website. Thanks for the help.
Quote by captaincool
try the danelectro talk box its a pedal with a mic

You'd be better off with a Vox or Dunlop wah-wah than the Danelectro talk box seriously.

First off, if your gigging they usually provide mics, and if your in a band than you can probably hook an extra mic up to your singer's P.A. system.

Second, the Danelectro will not give you the sound that you are looking for! Don't set your expectations very high (your not going to get anywhere close to Walsh or Frampton).

Third, the Rocktron Banshee talk box for $30 more than the Danelectro will get you the real sound. You DON'T need a mic unless your in a band/gigging, but like I already explained I'm guessing your not.

The set up would be Guitar > Talk box > Amp / Into your mouth

When the talk box is on, the guitar does not go through the amp it goes to your mouth and from there a mic is needed for band practice etc. otherwise the signal bypasses to your amp.

Good luck