Has anyone heard this amplifier?

I live in a small apartment so i cant get anything too big and loud.
I have a Fender 15g and it sucks big time. I want something that is good to play with distortion and definetly with pedals. Im looking for a metallica sound, AC/DC and everything in between.

I found a brand new one for $75 and wondered if it was any good.

Yaaaaa....this is an awsome amp!!!! It gives such a punch. It especially good for acdc type stuff. Its definetly worth buying.
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actually i highly suggest that amp we stock them at the shop no halfstacks just the crushes and i love messing around with them
I've heard fantastic things about those amps for $75 go for it!
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
I've got the 15, I think it's a massive step above the 10. If you have the money, invest it in the 15. Watch out for a rattle on the back panel when the volume turns up load. It's a common thing on the crush series.

Other than that, it's a fantastic amp at fantastic value. And, when all else fails, it's orange!
I love mine...

But it doesn't really sound better with pedals.
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Damn....Orange is real good on its cleans man, i think its like a pumped up fender amp. I played one with a wah pedal in clean mode and it just rocked, and the distortion part makes you wanna rock the pedal even more. except i would still prefer a engl/mesa/marshall etc. amp ....due to the ugly orange maybe i would get the small amps just for practice or some shizz....
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If you got the pedals then go for the epiphone valve jr combo amp. All tubes baby.
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While I've never played through an orange crush I'd always heard it was one to stay away from, so all the positive responses kinda surprise me. Their tube amps on the other hand are indeed nice.
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