Hey, I'm getting a new guitar soon, and I was wondering which I should get? Is having the 7th an advantage? They practically the same guitar but one has 7 strings. ANy opinions?
If u like REALLY heavy stuff, you can use the seventh string to avoid having to detune all the way down to dropped A.
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if u detune a lot, the 7 string will probly be more suited for it, but if not, the 7 string is pretty much pointless
You do know that what you're saying will be different with by just adding an "MH" to it? RG321 is made out of basswood and uses PSND pickups, older model, the newer one is the RG321MH which has mahogany body, INF pickups and different painjobs.

If you're just comparing between both of these (im assuming its RG321MH), you should really consider the most important thing, the body. Basswood and Mahogany sounds different, so you really gotta think about it, whether you want to put EMGs in the RG321MH, DiMarzios in the RG7321 or vice-versa. You gotta actually try it, there arent much ppl who use EMGs on basswoods but there are, and it may sound good or may not, depending on whose ears and gears.

If you are certain that the extra 1 string would do you more good, then get it, otherwise, just downtune your RG321MH (it aint so hard, it's a fixed bridge) to your likings.
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The 7321 has a 5 pc maple/walnut neck, the 321 is 3 pc maple. The 321 is mahogany, the 7321 is basswood.

But those points are little.

The deal is this bucko, if you really want a 7 string and you will use it and you won't just end up throwing it in the closet because it's not a normal guitar, go for the 321.

I personally would go for the 7321, but I also play 6 string basses, so I'm a weirdo.
Remember what Dime said "If you can't play guitar with six strings don't try with 7" I would go for 6 strings you can always downtune its a hard tail bridge I think anyway.
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