who is this guy?

he doesn't look like Pat O'Brien from Cannibal corpse,but hes with Pat's guitars.

Heres Pat.

he looks like he has down syndrome.
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I feel sorry for the drummer, he gets stuck with a guitarist who can't hold a rhythm to save his life and a vocalist in the middle of a heavy-flow month.
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he looks like he has down syndrome.

thats what i though,or maybe his guitar tech???
I think its someone who photoshoped another face onto him.
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what's the point in being "philiosophical"?

Interesting question...
He looks sort of like George... he's an awesome singer but does kinda look retarded.
its a photoshop. go to the CC website and you'll see that picture with the 3 guitars without the dude. The other one is obviously edited judging by how ****ty a job he did.
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