blue voodoos are decent....i got mines for a steal price so im not complaing....im not sure what they are goin for now......i feel that if you paying for an amp that is like 800 bucks and you are just settling for it, just save up for something better....in my case im saving for a hughes & kettner triamp......runs a pretty penny but will be the only amp i will ever need
if you play punk or sligtly overdriven rock good amp i noticed the new ones have no gain in them so ud need an OD pedal for metal
My buddy has the halfstack. AWESOME cleans IMO. Which is where the amp shines. The distortion is really ROCK sounding...not metal...but ROCK. Thats the only way to describe it. I really like it...but if you love it then..buy it? lol
If you love them amps, why not buy one then, unless you mean "I love them from what they look like/what some guy I overheard said he liked them" if that, you're going to get herpies.

But if you've tried one+loved it, there's no reason for not buying.
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i don't like 'em. If you do, buy it.
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I know Marty Freidman uses them, and he has a lot of great tones.

I've been looking into them myself. They are also one of the coolest looking amps around
i briefly played the blue voodoo...it has pretty good distortion for a crate

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I own one, it's the older version... I have found it to have great tone. Cleans are good, distortion is made for rock. Switching out the orginal tubes makes a big difference in a good way, that is. If you like buy it!!! I thought it to be a good buy for myself.