r u talking abt the beghringer amps?
if so.. i was wondering as well =P the 2x30w

i THOUGHT that it just means 2 seperate channels of 30w.. so only loudness wise its only 30w but i might be wrong~ (as i am a lot fo the time)
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no its 120 watts of power, 60 per each speaker. Soundwise it will be a bit louder than a 60 watt but probably not as loud as a 120 watt.
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It will handle 120w going into it, but it will put out 60w at each speaker.
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Damn them Behringer amps. They could of just said 120 watt or 60 watt but they have to make it complicated. I think it's 120 watts all up. If your thinking of buying one i sugest looking around a bit more. I have the 2x30 version and it does the job but you get sick of it after a while.

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