nahh they use a lot of special effects and stuff. No clue what it is but.
They crank their Devilles and I think they've got some delay from what I've heard (not heard much)
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don't they just use boss pedals? I think i read an article in a magazine where they said they did...
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^^^^ Yeh they use a lot of Boss Delay pedals. Both guitarists have at least two different one on their pedelboards. I think i read one uses a Boss OD-2 as well... definatly a Boss overdrive as well as a few more boutique overdrives I believe.
As R_H_C_P said as well they use Fender Devilles and both use Telecasters, with humbuckers i think... Kele definatly uses humbuckers.
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well I know they both have Fender HRDeluxes not Devilles, Kele has a loop pedal, a boss DD but not sure which one exact and i believe 2 more pedals. Russell also has a delay pedal, and a boss overdrive