ive got them in my jackson soloist, they kick ass
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Not the best, but not the worst. I mean there decent for stock pups.
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i have em on my esp and for being stock i won't complain. not too bad.
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My friend had them in his LTD F-250, its agathis so its going to sound bad, and the neck one had horrible cleans. In the brdige they sound okay. He changed it out for a Dimebucker and it sounds better now. Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom uses Hz's because active pickups with his setup would give him too much distortion. For the money Hz's aren't that great.
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yeah i should revise my prior comment and say they are good, but only as stocks go. dont expect to squeal the lower strings, even thru a lot of treble, they just dont pick it up. but ive never had any problems with them
jackson slsmg soloist
line 6 pod xt live
crate powerblock
2 marshall 4x12's
Depends on how high you are willing to spend, because EMG's are good when you get the top dollar ones.
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Better then the Dimebucker pal!

I dont get your point....

Back to topic,
what wood is the guitar that you plan on putting them in,or even what kind of a guitar is it.
It might not even be worth changing pickups.And in the end your amp is very important in gettin the sound you want,more important then the pickups so even with a change if you amp sucks you wont really notice the pickup change.
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I think he was just making an ignorant, brash assumption that since you have a Dime avatar that you, in fact, use the Dimebucker pickup in one of your guitars.
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hmmm ive had HZs in alot of my ESPs, they arent bad if your distorted, but they dont have a good clean tone to me, but im a seymour duncan guy at heart, so i always switch them out within a week and with my store discount and installing myself i really dont pay much
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Depends on how high you are willing to spend, because EMG's are good when you get the top dollar ones.

umm theres the crappy HZ's and theres the actives....the active own most pups (to me) and the hz's are crap for the price

all actives are pretty much the same price..there really is no "top" dallor
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I have EMG HZ pickups and I really like how they sound with distortion or overdrive, but the cleans aren't really good. They came as stock pickups on my Dean Custom 450.
Basically, unless it comes stock with like active EMG's or some other nice pickups that you really like, any guitar you buy will have factory pickups that will be needing a replacement sometime.
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