Do you guys think you could tell me what you think of our setlist that we're using in 2 weeks at a party? It's an even mix of covers and originals.

1.Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous
2.Staind - Mudshovel
3.Original Song - Stories (Sort of a toolish feel, mixed with staind, but moreso totally original)
4.Green Day - American Idiot (Yeah, we're that shallow )
5.Foo Fighters - Best of You
6.Original Song - Save me (Sounds like something Goo Goo Dolls or Foo Fighters would write)
7.Original Song - Insecure (A lot like tool, slower pace, but heavier)
8.Original Song - So You Say (Soft Verses, strong choruses... A lot like a Staind song would be)
9.Nirvana - You Know You're Right
10.Original Song - Never Again (Our "Single" - An old version (about 3 months old) can be heard on our purevolume at www.purevolume.com/confession)
11.Queen - Show Must Go On (Remade to make it quite powerful)

We're trying to figure out if so you say belongs where it is. Would you put a power ballad there, or more so toward the end? Can't quite decide.

I know you can't quite tell if the originals are good, but the basic song type makeup is what I'm asking about.

Any questions just ask.
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Hey man, I don't think I'd put 3 original songs in a row like that unless you're really popular and everyone knows your songs... because 3 unknown songs in a row could bore some people, regardless of how good they are. If I were you, I'd seperate all the originals by at least one cover song.
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save me rocks (damageplan version) lol
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