I've always listened to metal, but have just recently become interested in finally learning the electric guitar, im looking into buying a new guitar, i think by reading this site the ibanez rg321mh seems to be a fairly moderate guitar being that my price range is around $300 (U.S.).

My question is would this guitar be good for playing metal in the genre of Children of Bodom...Slayer....Hatebreed???

Now i know that learning any of their songs will not come quickly and im quite prepared to spend years practicing and learning but im just wondering if the rg321mh would be a good choice to start on? And also from reading this site i guess the suggestion is to eventually replace the pickups on the guitar so what kind of pickups would be good for this particular guitar in the genre i stated earlier and how much would they be installed possibly?

And last question how about a nice amp to start practicing on for the metal genre and this guitar, i dont need anything real loud just something that will give me some quality sound for like $100-200 (U.S.)?

Thanks in advance

first thing spend more on ur amp than ur guitar, amp is always more important for ur sound

And i recommend for amps:

dont get lured into marshall MG's, Line 6 Spider 2's, and cheap crate amps, there not that great.
He is right about the amp, but the RG would be great for what you want to play. For it's price, it's the best beginner guitar there is, in my opinion.
why not buy a piece of **** guitar and amp package till u know if guitar is really ur thing, then if it is u still have money in the pocket for a sweeter rig and if for some mental reason its not u dont lose out on the deal
buy an MG and after you have notice that it sounds like sh*t, its time to level up and buy a new and better amp!

lolz... joking.

nice VOX amp. i like that!
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