Has anyone else had a problem of their neck always being not slick enough??

Ive washed it. Polished it. Done everything imaginable. But I still can't find a way to have the back of it incredibly smooth.

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Rub it down with some steel wool, make sure not too rough, it does wonders
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try furniture duster/polish, for wood furniture, spray it on and wipe down the neck. do that once a week or whenever the neck feels rough
i dont know can you put tung oil on the neck if its on the guitar? its not really my field of expertise. but if you can then its what your lookin for.
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is tung oil for just unfinished necks or can it be used on finished necks? If not is there anything that can be used on finished necks?

Also is tung oil easily obtainable, like in guitar center?
Actually, you can get a tru oil from Wal-mart in the gun section. It's about the same as tung oil, but cheap and easy to find.
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I think having the strings gliding smoothly is WAY more important than the back of
the neck. My thumb just rests very lightly on the back and it could almost be sand
papered back for all the diff it would make. How hard do you guys press!?

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When you say it is not smooth do you mean that you feel the finish of the neck tugging on your hand as you slide? If that is so, you may want to rub it off with some sand paper. I do not like the feeling of oil on my neck.
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I use Fast Fret. You can use it on the back and the fret board. Its like 7 bucks and works well.
^^ I tried that stuff and hated it. I like to have a positive feel on the strings, not like they're greased. But it's all personal preference.

Edit: Not Poo...Fast Fret.
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I Like Fast Fret a lot! I don't think I'd put it on the back of the neck though.
Really smooths out the strings. Ya just gotta wipe it off to how you like. I don't
like it feeling oily so I wipe it off pretty good. Just enough so that the strings feel
nice and clean and smooth.
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Actually, you can get a tru oil from Wal-mart in the gun section. It's about the same as tung oil, but cheap and easy to find.

tru oil is more of a tung oil concentrate and theyre not really the same