hey i just got an acoustic guitar and im learning all the basic stuff so far and i wanna start learning songs.....anyone have good begginer song recomendations
Learn "house of the rising sun" by The Animals. Great pratice, fantastic on acoustic.
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Wish you were here by pink floyd. Thats a great song to learn, in my opinion at least. But for just beginning? Let me think... Here's something that i did. Look up tabs under the band name Misc, and play anything that you know like twinkle twinkle little star or whatever. Not the coolest songs in the world but kinda fun to practice and probably the easiest songs to play. I can't really think of any beginner songs, but making up your own little tunes is always great practice. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin is a good song to learn to play, but anything else i can't think fo really.
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Audioslave - Doesn't Remind Me
Nirvana - About a girl
Collective Soul - December
The Beatles - Black Bird
the chords to Hendrix - Hey Joe
any Jack Johnson
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