I wanna know. What kind of strings do you Floyd users use?
Sorry about the poll not being there... It didn't submit the poll...
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I use Ernie ball, Hybrid Slinkies for E standard and Heavy top Skinny Bottoms for Eb.
Stock Gibson Pickups from a 2005 V, I think they're a 498T and 500T set FS/FT
Duncan Distortion (regular spaced) FS

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
No poll, anyways, Super Tops Regular btm D'addarios.
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d'addario's exl110
used eb reg slinkys for a while but they are bloody ****e
d'addarios 09s...!!!

I keep it standard cuz i always keep it on E standard or Eb lol. And pain in the ass to change them to 10s.....
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d'addario xl 10's. it's not really that hard to switch gauges. i did that the first time i was changing strings (from 9's to 10's). i switched gauges on my FR three times in two months (i was looking for perfect strings for my dinky), you just have to adjust the springs in the back...
diadarrio XL10's
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