bit more practice dude....the quality is preety bad but your drummer sounds a bit averge...but hey theres always room for improvement so good luck dude
has your bassist ever heard of rocking out, lol, the bass lines to dammit arent that hard to jump round and go nuts while still playin them properly
I don't ask for much
Truth be told I'll settle for
A life less frightening, a life less frightening
any others? and also thats because the bassist just learned that song an hour or so before we played. but how do u think about the guitar/singing? thanks
Use more distortion. Singing is ok for a 'local high-school band'.
But your bassist won't even move if I would push him in the pool.

It's a decent cover.
It's not bad, I've seen worse.

Guitar needs to be a bit more distorted, maybe mess with the eq a tad bit.

Your singing isn't bad, you get some of the notes wrong. You don't really experiment with the range in the actual song. Your vocal range sounds flat. If you got the notes right, I bet it'd sound better.
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Kinda hard to hear,

Not bad over all, if your whole band practices it together more you'll probably have it pretty well.
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