ok guys i want to get a new guitar and i want a epiphone SG.
here is my problem i have fallen in love with the "white" SG and i only have about
400$ to spend on the guitar. The only white SG in my price range i have found is the G-310? i have enough money to buy the vintage G-400, or the G-400 but i just dont like the colors as much i dont want the custom,viper any of those SG i want a "WHITE" one like seen in the music video "taking back sunday Makedamnsure"

i have been playing for almost a year now.....and i want a guitar that will last me sometime......going and trying one out is really not an option the closet big guitar store is 365 miles away However i have played an sg it was ethier the vintage or the G-400 the only way i can figure it out is that it had a orange plastic cover on the treble switch like the vintage so im guessing it was the vintage?

can someone help me out? i Play all kinds of music no limits on me!!!
if i had $400 i would buy an ibanez. I own a sg and it sux it cost me $381. I also have a ibanez 120 for only $200 and i would pick it over that sg. From what i can tell your probly into metal so go with and ibanez. They also are also good at playing jass and blues. Ibanez is a good choice.
^I didn't realize Taking Back Sunday was a metal band. My bad.

You are wanting to buy a guitar for 2 of the worst reasons: 1) Because a band you like uses it and 2) Because of its color.

Save your money, evaluate the situation you're in (what guitars do you have now? what amp do you have?), and then buy a search around for guitars.

Why should you follow my advice? Cause my first electric was an Epiphone SG that I bought because I thought it looked cool. I gave it to some kid after less than a year of playing because I couldn't stand it any longer .
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Your right i thought about it last night and stuff and looked att he guitar more. dont like the frets,pickguard, other things i think i am going to go with the vintage G-400 and buy a peddle/case/amp

can you guys

post a good amp below 100$ and a good pedal below 100$ perferreble a multi effect pedal?
Don't be stupid. $100 won't even get you into the store to look at amps.
yeh. before you post do a bit of researching on amps and the rest of your gear cos the gear is only as good as its user