I've always wanted to play around with the idea of word association so I made this. I tried to keep a rythym and refrain but it kinda broke down at the end. This is not a true story so don't worry about that. Any comments/help would be greatly appreciated. Crit for Crit

"Okay, Michael, we're going to start out today's session with a little word association. Is that ok with you?"
Silence coupled with a blank stare.
"Just say the first word that comes to mind. Fun."
"Suicidal ideation"
"Now Michael, this isn't really helping your progress."
Silence coupled with a blank stare.
"How am I supposed to help you if you are like this, huh?"
Silence coupled with a blank stare.
"I mean, let's be honest here, God you are so ****ed up. You are apathetic beyond anyone I have ever seen. You have no apparent will to live and no desire to improve your conditions. What the **** am I supposed to do, you twisted psycho?"
My dear doctor Sam. I want to reply with a little word association. Is that ok with you?"
Silence coupled with an angry stare.
Silence coupled with a frightened stare.
"T-t-time's up, Michael. S-s-see you next week."
No, Doctor, I don't think you will. In fact, once this tape gets out, you won't be seeing anyone except for maybe your parole officer.
"Now Michael, you know I didn't mean what I said, right? I mean, we're buddies, pals, and I just want to help you. Sure everybody gets a little profane at times, but thats nothing to worry about right? Right? I mean, you don't need to show anyone that tape. Let's keep this between you and me."
I'm sorry Doctor, but I'm afraid I can't do that. I wouldn't want want any other troubled people to suffer from your crappy therapy and perhaps make a mistake that they regret, such as suicide. I believe that your career will be at its end when you are blamed for my 'attempted suicide'. When asked why I did it, I will simply produce the tape that is in my pocket and the court will undoubtedly, in my vernacular, ass-rape you. But that will not be for a few weeks at least. I want you to wait it out and suffer. I believe my next appointment is Tuesday the 25th at 11:00. Until then, I bid you adieu.
Silence coupled with a defeated stare.
Blood looks so beautiful in the moonlight.
I'm a writer to the bone. As in, I'd like to make a career of doing nothing but writing. So, when I read this, my mind automatically thought: What a great way to start a movie script, and I had ideas about a story line going through my head. That makes this good. It makes me think.

Also, I guess it oculd be called good simply becasue it's funny as hell. The narration, that's barely there, is simple, quick, and quaint. haha. I loved it.

And yes, you seem to analyze your writing well all by yourself. Rythm - there at the beginning, not so much at the end.

Good piece though, I loved it.