Congrats Mike.

Real Name: Michael William Clausen Junior

Age: 15

Location: Norfolk, Nebraska, United States

Favorite Band: Im really into rock and metal, Metallica, Cradle, Pantera. I also like staind, seether, guns n roses, everything the g3 tour puts out, particularly joe satriani and steve vai. they're beautiful. I do pop in Conor every now and then when im in the mood.

Most Inspirational Lyricist: That may be the likes of Allen Ginsberg. He has some very interesting work where you have to think about meanings, which i really enjoy. Honestly, i dont read that much into other poets sometimes ill just read up some Ginsberg stuff, or some Shakespeare sonnets. Thats about all.

Why Do You Write: I write for other people. Whether you say its wrong or not, in my heart thats why i do it. I want people to read my stuff and think about their lives and realize whats wrong. I just hope to point it out, in a way. All of my pieces between the cutting off your balls and trips through the woods under that surface there is a meaning on life, and whats wrong with it. I just hope people find that meaning and can relate to it. That it may touch them so much that they may change something in there own. I love reading a work 100 times if i have to and then finally realizing the meaning and just sit there dumbstruck by the genious that was put into it, and i hope to do that for other people as well.

Most Favorite Writer On UG: I really liked Matt's works. They gave me that read it for a while and final realize the meaning and be like 'awesome' feeling, at least most of them. Steve (the hurt within) puts out great pieces whenever he posts. I was talking to him a few days ago and he said he wished he could get a good crit. I told him that he has far surpassed the level where ordinary average minds can critique his works, and i honestly believe that. If anyone wants a good read, check him out. Also shoutouts to synth's work and arcadias. Synth is a very good new writer and always has interesting pieces. Nelson i believe is a very good writer as well who definately deserves more attention then he gets. To stay on topic, though, my top writer would probably be steve. also wtf is most favorite writer... isnt it just favorite writer. I think s&l has bad gramatical skills :P

Most Helpful Critiquer: For the second month in a row, Paraboetheo gets the top spot here, he gives the most insight on my pieces than anyone. Hes a very smart person, and knows what hes talking about, so listen to him! dont just nod him off if he tells you your piece needs a lot of work. In fact, dont do that to anyone. Posting in this forum says you will be open to all critiques and accept them willingly. So dont argue when someone says they dont like it ( unless thats all they say without any advice) So thanks a lot paraboetheo and everyone for all your help.

Your Most Recent Work And Reason Behind It:

this "series" im current writing are my newest, there is also a sequel currently to that piece. Reason behind it, idk if that means the true point of the story or not, because i dont want to just reveal it. Well eh whatever, the point is obvious anyway. Its telling people that even though sometimes your not commiting the crime, not doing anything about it is just as bad. That piece seems to generally be really enjoyed. I hoped people would read it and just kind of... smile when there done and piece it all together. I actually enjoyed writing that piece so much im turning it into a series, and im probably getting the most enjoyment out of writing than i ever have.

Tips For Newer Writers: Dont conform to this forum. There are many types of writers in this forum, Jallas writes simply with deep meanings. Something vague, Technically and raw. The hurt within, in a way,shakespearen, but with great meanings and things you have to think about. Me, on life. What im saying is, dont come into the forum, like someone, and try to write like them. Just take advice, and improve the way you write. Writing what you believe and want to write will give you more enjoyment than writing like someone else. It also makes you an individual. Take advice, and improve your writing and keep practicing writing as much as possible. it always helps, no matter what it is.

Final Comments You Wish To Share: The first thing i want to say is a big thank you to Steve. When i first joined the S&L forum i was horrible. Like quite literally i was emo with no literary elements or anything, basically i was horrible. I read a piece of steve's and pmed him, asking him if he could give me some advice. He soon helped me out so much and made me into the writer i am now. Without him i probably would be nothing, even if my time with him was short. Another shoutout to xArcadiax youve reamped this forum twice, and I know your currently working on it again. Amongest all this you write great pieces, you deserve more attention then you get so a big thanks to you. Thanks everyone in the S&L forum that have helped me with any of my works, even if it was just one thing. Alice, thanks for providing very good advice since ive joined its always helped. Synth, its kind of nice having an S&L buddy i can regularly talk to about writing. Your also a very good writer and help a lot on this forum. To anyone ive ever critiqued, sometimes i may seem like an ass. (which is why i put that disclaimer in my sig) but im not trying to be. Even if i tell you tons of things to change when i critique i only point out things i dont like, usually i dont point out whats awesome. So yeah, take that to heart. Pooch, jammy, danter, cjw, Ret, FRD, your all good guys, and good writers, keep it up. thanks for all your votes.

Can You Fill In The Blanks?
Dude, you're an amazing writer, in fact, I'm scared to even crit one of your works for fear of you returning the favor and seeing my work, which is nowhere near as good as yours. I'm not kidding. I have read just about every one of your pieces, and its all really good.
Congrats Mike! I'm glad you won. Sorry I couldn't give you (or anyone) my vote, I know I said I would if no-one stood out but I don't think it'd have been right. Hope you ain't holding it against me! It's just difficult to decide who really deserves a vote. Especially with all this talk now about being voted for giving critiques!

Well done, Mike
The journal entry style of writing from the perspective of someone who has no idea what's going on, rather than from the perspective of a sociopath, like in Notes from Underground or Kevin Spacey's character's journals in Seven. It's very good. I think the journal entries work very well. Someone who had no idea something was going on wouldn't write long, descriptive entries. They'd be short, staccato, to the point. I think the prose, though, needs a spot more embellishment on the detail. Very good, though.

Sorry to use this thread as a review
Hi, I'm Peter
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congrats on winning, you deserve it

(sorry for my lateness, back from holiday now =D)
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Well deserved, you've grown so much as a writer and im proud to see you finally up there, where you've long been heading.

And a big hug for the shutouts. Warms me it does.

peACE bro
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You know man congrats. seriously congrats. I've been waiting to see your name up there.
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I was bored so I decided to look at some of the past WOTM polls and it seems that almost always you (Mike) were beat out of WOTM by only like 2-3 votes. I just realized how long you have been waiting for this. Truly, congrats, its been a long time coming.